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Which IT disaster do you fear the most?

Posted by admin on September 4, 2012

Is it losing all your emails, or some general unspecified IT disaster?  Psychologists would say that many people say the former, despite the latter being more likely (because it includes losing your emails)

This is because humans fear specific things more than general ones.  A similar concept applies to IT disasters. For example, if you’ve ever had a computer virus, the chances are high that you now have anti-virus software. Every day though, hundreds of people get computer viruses because they thought the specific threat would never happen to them. The same goes for hacking and firewalls, data loss and backups.

It happens to all of us. This guy was massively hacked and nearly lost precious photos stored on a laptop (that hadn’t been backed up) – and he’s a tech savvy journalist.

IT security and disaster planning are so important that lots of big companies pay a lot of money for them. Consequently experts can charge a lot, and small businesses often feel they can’t afford it. So they put the disasters out of mind and hope they won’t happen. They will, eventually, if you do nothing. But basic safeguards against disaster don’t have to be expensive. A simple checklist would be:

  • Anti Virus software, automatically updated
  • Firewall, properly configured
  • Important data stored on mirrored disks
  • Regular and tested backups

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