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Should you outsource your IT?

Posted by admin on October 5, 2012

Who does run your IT? Anyone?

It’s difficult for small businesses to justify a full time IT expert, and if you go to suppliers for IT, you may find you’re tied into their solutions and products. You may also find they’re better at, say, IT hardware support, rather than helping you decide on your IT strategy.

This article has some solutions, including the Cloud, or employing hybrid staff who have IT skills and can also work in your core business.  One solution is to outsource the role of IT director – i.e. pay someone to be your IT director just when you need one. That person can then develop your IT strategy, deal with suppliers, check you’re getting value for money – then leave. They know your business, and they’re there at the end of a phone the next time you need them.

Outsourcing can seem expensive, but in fact outsourcing lots of tasks that aren’t your core business is an increasingly sensible strategy. Many small businesses simply don’t have an IT strategy. When they determine a need for IT, whether it’s a new PC or a program, they just go out and buy it. Some businesses think that is exactly how IT is supposed to work – but it isn’t. There are often various types of IT solution (the difference between adding a new employee to the cloud or to in-house systems is considerable)

Even a strategy that just takes a few hours to develop is better than having no strategy. It will make you feel more in control of your business, and that you’ve considered how best to spend money on IT. It will usually end up saving you lots of money, and just as importantly, it will make money, since IT will work hand in hand with your business processes making them much more efficient.

If you do decide to get an IT strategy, it’s best to get one from someone who is independent of the possible solutions – please get in touch for a free chat about it.


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