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Cloud Snooping - Should you be worried?

Posted by admin on January 31, 2013


The BBC revealed today that US Cloud providers could be compelled to release private data belonging to any citizen living outside the US. This law has apparently been around for a while, and although there appear to be no cases yet, it's debatable whether they would come to light anyway.

It sounds scary, and I suppose it is to some people who might really disagree with US policy, but the average person should probably be more worried about basic security such as password strength.

If you are worried though, it seems to me that there are a couple of solutions. You could store your data using an appropriate level of encryption. Better still, use a European cloud provider such as Wuala, who will store your data encrypted on servers based in France, Germany or Switzerland. With Wuala your data is encrypted locally before uploading, and the password never leaves your computer. Security varies massively between different cloud providers, and there are many different levels and types of security available.

I should point out, we don't have any sort of deal with Wuala! We're independent - so if you want impartial advice about the best cloud solution for your business, talk to us. Many businesses, especially small ones, have no idea why the cloud can be such a good idea for their IT strategy.


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